I enjoy working with people and receive a great amount of pleasure, Different nutrition Packages/Offers; Each package may include personal training if you email and ask?

There is no magic pill to loosing weight, it's all about having a balanced diet that has the ability to sustain your body needs. Everyone has different nutritional needs that are determined by a number of factors; such as, age; gender etc. The majority of people that Be Fit For Life support using nutrition have already tried a number of different nutrition approaches with little success. We have developed a reputation in this area through getting results where many less experienced professionals have failed. Our approach over the years has been to study everything that has been identified as successful, and by using my many years of experience, (that have seen the best results) and incorporating practiced methods both studied when studying for my BSc (hons) degree, and as well as developing our own protocols through our own systematic researching is being used for what works. Our aim is to provide the best and very latest non-medical approach that is available anywhere in the world for our clients we work with, and the wide range of issues with which they present.

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Optimal Health; for your first appointment £55.0, then after £40.0

Through private one to one coaching and through guided Intuitive eating coaching, with continued support tailored to your needs and lifestyle, you will learn to;  Recognise the damage that diets have done to you, from increased binge eating, food obsession, and weight increases with each weight loss attempt.  Respect your normal biological drive to eat, for energy, nourishment and pleasure. No more relying on calorie trackers or diet tools.  Break down food rules and restrictions and let go of that inner food critic that tells you that you’re ‘bad’ for eating a cookie and ‘good’ for eating a salad.

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Women's Health £45.0

As well as women needing fewer calories than men, women's nutrition have some different requirements than men. The following vitamins and minerals are particularly important; such as Iron, B12, Calcium, Folic Acid , Vitamin D, and C. There are certain aspects of women's health, and certain life stages, that can benefit from nutritional therapy. Be Fit FOR Life will investigate your diet and suggest adjustments to ensure you are getting everything you need from the foods you eat. This will be tailored to your specific needs, not only as a woman but also as an individual. If there are any areas of women's health you would like to address (for example if you are going through the menopause) be sure to mention this. This will then prompt for possible additions or changes to your diet that may be able to help reduce unwanted symptoms. Even though it’s often not until we want to have a baby, feel unwell , or begin the menopause when we seek help. There’s always methods and treatments that can help you to solve your health concerns. For example, if a client has suddenly gained weight, possibly feels exhausted, menopausal perhaps?

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Fertility & Pregnancy Support £50

Be Fit For Life approach is to investigate carefully what the root cause that may be the reason the client has not been able to become pregnant or hold a successful pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, perhaps the planning stage or just given birth, optimal and adequate nutrition is crucial. Seeing a nutritional therapist a few times can make huge different for your energy levels, health and a personalised plan can help to maintain optimal nutrients levels throughout pregnancy, child birth and breastfeeding – times when women easily forget their own needs because of baby’s needs.

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Sports Nutrition £50.0

Sports nutrition plays a crucial part in maintaining and enhancing an athlete’s performance.Every athlete has individual nutritional requirements depending on their sport, whether they are novices, elite or amateurs, their activity in different seasons, health status, age and nutritional goals. Some sports require low body weight or changes in body composition to be able to perform at it best. A carefully planned sports nutrition diet is essential for; dietary advice and diet plan for optimal, improved performance, Optimum body composition, Supplement plan to support health, performance, And recovery

Weight Loss £45.0

Weight loss, 'Do it right and lose weight for good'. I will ask you to complete what I initially send across to you in an email. You will complete and pass back. I will then go to work and following that you will simply meet up every couple of weeks. Simply, we meet and chat in person/ emails and you follow my directions.

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