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What To Do Next? Step 1 – make an appointment to book your initial health and nutritional assessment. Step 2 – Arrange to have bloods drawn ( a qualified phlebotomist is required for this) Step 3 – Keep a food and symptoms diary to discuss with your Nutritional Therapist Step 4 – Pay your deposit payment to secure your programme Step 5 – Set yourself a start date that works for you (away from holidays, social engagements, etc)

  • Category: Nutritional
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours
  • Address: Westgate, Grace Street, Leeds LS1 2RP, UK (Map)

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Your first consultation will investigate the underlying reasons for weight gain.

Here’s what you get with the Weight Loss Programme:

  • Full Health Assessment
  • Body Composition and measurement analysis
  • Blood test looking at over 30 markers including liver, thyroid and cholesterol
  • Complete comprehensive guide to the programme
  • Your own personalised food list
  • Meal plans
  • Recipes and meal suggestions
  • Training and education about nutrition and diet
  • Mentoring and support throughout your programme
  • Help with cooking and what to do with the food list